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Maritime Commuter Transport; A Viable Option For Ghana

      Transportation they say is one of the main engines for development, hence nations all over the globe have taken steps to improve their transportation infrastructures. In Ghana, successive governments have done their parts in improving the transportation systems we have in the country, however there are still some infrastructural deficit as far as the sector is concerned and one major solution or option is an effective maritime commuter transport system.

maritime commuter transport, ghana
Maritime Commuter Transport; A Viable Option For Ghana

      Ghana is fortunate to be bounded at the south by the gulf of Guinea stretching all the way from the west to the east coast and also the volta river from the east coast cutting its way through the country up north, however the country has done very little to harness the full transportation potential of the water resources around us.

     Looking at the current transportation chaos in the country, a maritime commuter transport could be a good if not better option. A small passenger vessel could be operated between the two sea ports in the country Tema and Tarkoradi to begin with. The advantages of such a system are numerous.

    Firstly, the effective operation of this system would serve as an alternative to the normal transport system and provide commuters with a better option which in the long run could help lower the intensity of the traffic situations on our roads.

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     Furthermore, even though this mode of transport is relatively slower as compared to the other means, it would help promote tourism as commuters can afford the luxury to relax and have a good view of the nice beaches and wonderful coastline in the country with all its forts and castles.

     As per the proposed expansion of the Tema port, the director of ports mentioned the building of a cruise or passenger terminal as part of the plan. It has therefore become necessary to start considering the option of a maritime commuter transport to fully utilize the proposed passenger terminal in the very near future.

     To conclude, local entrepreneurs in collaboration with government and the port authority should work together to structure a great strategy to bring this into reality because the country cannot only be admitting foreign cruise vessels in our ports or the yet to be built cruise terminal. Local participation is very important and crucial.

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