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Ghana keeps rising, Country to get a modern 40 acre logistics distribution park

Agility, a leading global logistics and logistical infrastructure provider is to build a 40 acre logistics distribution park at the Tema free zone enclave in collaboration with the government of Ghana. Mr Kweku Ricketts-Hagan, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, on Thursday broke the ground for the construction of  the International standard Logistics Park on a 40-acre land at Tema .

agility Africa, Ghana free zones
an artiste impression of the project/photo credit Agility

   The Kuwait based logistics service provider in a press release stated that the park is part of  a series of logistics hubs that it plans to build across the African continent, which it hopes   will provide international standard logistics infrastructure to local, regional and global companies operating in Ghana and beyond..

   Speaking on this latest investments in the African region, Agility CEO, Africa said that “Agility is a world leader in developing logistics parks around the globe and is committed to developing a network of quality distribution parks in Africa. By providing much needed import and export routes in and out of Africa”, Agility Distribution Parks will help companies operate in Africa with the reliable, modern and secure infrastructure they need to grow their business.”

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   The park to be built here in Ghana just like other agility distribution parks would be focused on providing undisturbed power, IT connectivity and security for tenants, creating an international platform from which companies can efficiently operate their businesses. Offering 2PL, 3PL and 4PL solutions.

   The Minister mentioned that an International Logistics Park such as this  provided direct access to global transport networks and enabled direct transshipment of large volumes of goods without the need for long winding intermediary operations. He further added that such an investment would strategically position and link Ghanaian businesses to the global market in the wake of increasing customer dynamics and supply chain complexities.

   Agility’s CEO Africa went on to add that , the company’s decision to opt for the country is  a step in the right direction since

 “Ghana is an attractive location to launch the network of new Agility Distribution Parks thanks to a long-term stable and transparent government, fast-growing GDP and increasing prominence as a regional commercial hub in West Africa.”

   The first phase of the park will be complete and operational in the last quarter of 2015, and when fully occupied will include 100,000 sqm of bonded and non-bonded warehouses with ancillary services.


   The development of such a facility in Ghana is necessary  to improve the distribution system thereby increasing companies’ competitiveness. In this modern day of globalization, such a distribution hub is necessary to help reduce logistics costs and improve logistics efficiency by improving the flow of business services processing and raw material procurement.

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  • Koku Mawusi

    This is a welcome news indeed for the Port of Tema, our exporters and producers. Even though this investment is quite late, I still think this is the first major step in the right direction for Ghanaian ports. A port without facilities, such as logistics distribution centres located in its vicinity becomes very uncompetitive and looses grip on the market. This is even more so in the West African region, where many ports are striving to become the main hub port for the region. I hope other investors will take a cue from this investment and follow suit in building such facilities in strategic locations around the country.
    These investments will not be successful without construction of appropriate and efficient transport links (road/rail network) by the government to connect the facilities to the country’s ports. Secondly, the government authorities must design a long-term comprehensive transport development master plan for the country, including all elements associated with all transport modes, supply chain and logistics distribution, IT and information exchange among the stakeholders, etc. We cannot continue trumpeting that Ghana is the gateway to the region without achieving a certain level of development of these facilities.

    • denlatey

      Very true and precise , Ghana has for so long trumpeted the idea of being the gateway to the sub-region and yet still little has been done infrastructure wise to strategically position the country as a hub for West Africa. However a project like this is very laudable and another step in the right direction taking into consideration the connectivity from the distribution park to the ports and the hinterlands


      • Koku Mawusi

        Thank you for your constructive remarks. Hope our leaders are taking note.

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