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Government to go ahead with G-CAP implementation despite stiff opposition

     The Ghana trade ministry has made known its intention to still go ahead with the implementation of the Ghana Conformity Assessment Programme (G-CAP) in spite of stiff opposition from businesses and trade organization. The G-CAP which is intended to serve as a check against the importation of substandard goods into the country was initially planned to be implemented in the later part of  last year but strong opposition from trade organizations forced government  to renege on its intentions and take time to consult with  stakeholders and trade organizations in the country.

pre shipment inspection,
G-CAP to enable pre shipment inspection

   Deputy Trade Minister, Kweku Rickets Hagan, however says the Ministry has concluded the necessary engagements and the program will take off soon. He further mentioned that,the ministry has taken note of all other concerns and therefore assured that the proper consultation and education had been conducted.

   The importers on the other hand believe this move is a duplication of a similar function performed currently by the Destination Inspection Companies and would further add up to cost as the cost of inspection is supposed to be 0.5% of invoice value of the goods.  However, with regards the issue of double taxation raised by the traders, the minister assured that a team has been put in place to look into any complications or difficulties that may arise. He therefore re-affirmed that the implementation would happen in the earnest now that all other things have been looked at.


   On his part, Mr. John Awuni speaking on behalf of the Importers and Exporters, was insistent that no good would come of the G-CAP as it was only an extra cost to businesses.

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