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Marketing and selling your online shipments in Ghana (mini importation)

This is the third part of a 3 piece article on mini importation, please do well to read the first and second parts to fully understand this part.

   After shipments of your order, the seller would provide you with a tracking number with which you can track the progress of your goods through the entire supply chain process until it gets to Ghana. This makes it more convenient as you can know exactly how your order is being handled at every single stage of the shipment and delivery process.

online marketing
online marketing of your products


 After picking up your parcel at the post office or from the express courier services provider, the next huddle would be how to market you products and get a return on your investments.

   Marketing products in Ghana now have become much easier with the influx of online marketing platforms like Tonaton, OLX, Myjoymarket etc. Follow the instructions on these platforms to list and advertise your products for free.

  Note that there may be other sellers or competitors on the market so pricing is very important. In order to get  quick returns on investments, check the average price of similar products you want to sell and let that help you make a smart informed decision on the pricing of your products.

   Another important thing worth noting is that, to help sell your products faster, avoid uploading ‘photoshopped’ or downloaded images from the internet as images for your products. Please do well to upload realtime or  actual physical images of your products as this gives credibility to both the seller and the product.

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   With all this steps dully followed you should be able to start a mini importation business to help earn some passive income. If for any reason you still need personal coaching in mini importation, send an e-mail to gbengor@ghanashippingguide.com


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