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Final part of an Interview with the youngest vessel dispatcher in Ghana

 This is the final part of an interesting interview with Sammie Obeng Yeboah a vessel dispatcher at the Tema port. Please do well to read the first part of this interview. 

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GhanaShippingGuide, what would you say is a perfect day for you as a vessel dispatcher,

Sammie Obeng Yeboah, that is the day that all boxes are loaded and discharged peacefully, truck drivers are going about their jobs as planned then you can sit ,relax whiles watching the system just work and admire , but this day is probably imaginary. It does not really happen , may be one in a thousand times

MPS, temaport, vessel dispatcher ,recognition
receiving a recognition from the CEO of MPS

GSG, if you cannot recollect a peaceful or perfect day, what about your worse day as a vessel dispatcher,

SOY, am yet to experience a “worse” day as a vessel dispatcher because all my days seem similar, I mean, I meet  new challenges each day so just don’t know which one qualifies to be the worse, In short they are all “worse”. However, when I was a yard dispatcher I think I had my very first worse experience. The then COO summoned me to his office to point out to me some wrong allocations I had made which mixed up some boxes in the yard, my mistake had delayed a vessel for another shift. In fact reminiscing my experience in his office I got home and didn’t want to come back to work, but then again it reminded me of how a critical role my responsibility is and how little slips like that could cost the company, delaying a vessel for hours is a huge issue you know.  

GSG, Can I say then that you must love your job.

SOY,   Oh yeah, the idea of not repeating the same things at work always makes it interesting , I mean different vessels presents different challenges , attempting to synchronize the movements of trucks with that of crane operations , working on different challenges with operators , drivers as well as supervisors. SO yes I think it’s the best job ever and I love my job, it has brought out some aspects of my life that I never thought existed. But on a lighter note, show me a job with less stress and more money and I think I would consider. Laughs!!.

GSG,I know you were given a recognition at your company, what was it for.

SOY, I took the planning star award for the third quarter of last year (2014) it’s great to be recognized for your efforts and It was particularly interesting because that was the maiden award and I took it. I was given some plaques, recognition from the CEO and some goodies.

GSG, would you say that was your highest moment so far as a dispatcher

SOY, well that was great but not my highest moment. My highest moment was when I helped break two records. It was a team effort though, The first was in January 2015 with the vessel the “Northern Democrat”  I started the vessel and the other shifts completed it with an average of 84.5 moves per hour .Prior to this the record at the terminal was  77.8 moves which stood for 2 years. Then in a month’s time the other shift started operations on the “Sea Dream” and my shift completed it with the current standing record of 96.2 moves per hour. Those were my great moments yet. The bar now has been set high but we do hope to break our own record sometime.

GSG, If we can get a little personal, which schools did you attend

SOY, I attended the Castle drive elementary then to Osu preparatory for my Junior High education proceeded to Accra Academy for my senior high school. I later went to the Regional Maritime University for a BSc. In Ports and shipping administration after University of Ghana wanted me to read something else apart from economics. But that was an interesting twist of fate because I loved my course at RMU and now loving my work as well. I wouldn’t think of anything better.

GSG, what do you do in your spare times

SOY, You know what we do don’t you? I watch some football try to follow my favorite team Man United, but I sleep a lot because I always have a backlog of sleeping to do due to the nature of my job.


GSG, You have a Ga name Okpoti, is that your real name,

SOY, Okpoti is my nickname, am from Enum Bosso in the eastern region of Ghana, so am not a Ga but I speak the language quiet well and it’s an added advantage for me especially working in an environment where I do lots of communication over the radio so being multi lingua enables me to use the language that my operators best understands for the job to be done.

GSG, before we go, any marriage plans soon

SOY, emmmmm, how soon is soon, well I have a lovely girlfriend but I want to enjoy my “freedom” a bit before taking that major step in life. You know that’s a whole “work” on its own, laughs.

GSG, Thanks very much for your time, its been an interesting interview. All the best in your future endeavors.

SOY, Thank you too, it’s been a pleasure.

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