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Re-using shipping containers to provide cost effective building solutions

   The advent of shipping containers (boxes) have changed the scope of sea transport by improving  cargo handling , storage and transportation and has revolutionized the industry. The use of shipping containers have however moved beyond just the storage and transportation of cargo and as such, some designers and developers have found creative ways to develop wonderful structures using shipping “boxes” which in turn has helped solve some accommodation issues worldwide.

Container office complex
shipping Container office complex

   In Ghana, the country is saddled with a  major housing deficit, a challenge which is caused by  inadequate housing units coupled with the high prices tagged on the existing ones. A well planned container housing can help address some of this challenges especially in the urban areas where space seem to be limited.

     Another major challenge especially faced by young entrepreneurs is the issue of office space for business startups. Some office’s rent alone could take more than 50% of a young business start up’s capital. Young professionals like, graphic designers, fashion designers , sound engineers ,artist, architects etc may need a simple, decent but affordable office space to start a new business and this can be solved by effective use of shipping containers.

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    An example is the famous “container city” in U.K where developers have been able to design great office spaces from the use of  shipping containers. The container city II for instance has five floors of working space and was completed within a span of eight working days. Other developments include using containers to construct classrooms, office spaces, art studios, sound recording studios and a lot more.

   Containers are actually easy to design as they already come with the superstructure and as such would require minimal work as well as less expensive and takes lesser days to complete.

   Fortunately in Ghana there is one such company which among other functions also specializes in transforming shipping containers into great spaces for accommodation like mobile homes and offices, temporal construction accommodations, agriculture or farm accommodation etc. The company (Red Sea Housing)  serves its products to clients

shipping container apartment complex
shipping container apartment complex

globally, in fact during my days at the ports we use to regularly receive housing units to be prepared for exports from this company. They are right here at our door steps and Ghanaians should also endeavor to take advantage of their services .

  Local entrepreneurs and individuals should take up initiatives to see this kind of housing as a viable business to help solve some of the housing and especially office space challenges we have in the country, it would be nice to see Ghana’s own version of the “container city” as in the U.K.

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