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    Constant changes in maritime regulations, safety and environmental requirements have always had an impact on the design of ships over the years. From the days of the early explorers, the functions and design of ships have constantly changed to suit the particular era or situation.

Whether for exploration, war, entertainment and pleasure, trade or for commercial purposes. There has been great ships like the infamous “unsinkable’ Titanic which was a jewel in its time to present day ”Oasis of the Sea” which is a magnificent structure to behold. This post however looks at some of the amazing future ship designs most of which are yet to be built as they remain ideas on paper at least for now.

unmanned ship
unmanned ship

Imagine a fully functional container vessel bigger than any modern ship but with a very simple hull designed for efficiency, no superstructure, no space for crew quarters, there are no lifeboats on board for emergency situations and in fact when a port pilot comes on board to assist such vessels into the port, there would be no one to welcome him aboard. Yes and this is because such vessels would be “floating unmanned robots”. This remains the vision of Rolls-Royce’s vice president for Innovation, Engineering and Technology. He visualizes a time not far from now when freighters and other ships are unmanned robots that cruise the oceans under remote control by shore based captains.

future robot ships
future robot ships
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