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7 Amazing Shipping container houses

    The advent of shipping containers has simplified cargo transport by improving cargo handling, transportation and packaging thereby facilitating international trade which is much needed for the sustenance of mankind. In recent times, architects and designers have found very interesting ways to make good use of refurbished shipping containers to create comfortable and cost effective building structures.

Shipping Container buildings are easy to assemble and involves less time to build as it already comes with the super structure. Below is a list of some amazing container house designs which we have compiled. You can also suggest any design which you have seen but might not be included in the list.


1.  Container of hope

shipping container home


container homes

This amazing home was developed with just two 40 foot shipping containers on a 1000 square feet land located in Costa Rica some few minutes drive away from San Jose. Designed and built by  architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe it provides a perfect living with nature, a spectacular view of the sunrise and set through those large windows and surrounded by lots of green in the very quite.

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