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7 Amazing Shipping container houses

2. Shipping container guest house

A shipping container guest house designed and built with the help of Jim Poteet located in San Antonio, Texas. It was developed with just a 8 by 40 feet recycled shipping container resting on recycled telephone poles as its foundation whiles the flooring is made of re-purposed bamboo, that’s a perfect definition of an environmentally friendly home by making good use of recycled products. Even with space and size constraints, a cool cozy guest house was created for the relaxation of guest


shipping container guest house

amazing structures

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3. Cross box residence

This cross box shipping container residence was designed in France by Clément Gillet Architects using four prefabricated old shipping containers , the idea was to create an environmentally friendly structure whiles at the same time focusing on its cost effectiveness. Its simple design provides a living area at the ground floor with 3 bedrooms at the first floor. Yes 3 bedrooms from 2 old shipping containers at the first floor.

nice box homes


shipping home  

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