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Concerned Freight Forwarders and Traders Forum resists up-ward port tariffs review

Some stakeholders in the ports and shipping sector have promised to put up  strong resistance to the proposed upward review of the port tariffs  by the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority (GPHA).

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Barring any hitches, the port authority hopes to upwardly review  port tariffs anytime soon. As part of the tariffs review, Vessel handling charges and stevedoring charges will see an upward review of 4 percent while import handling charges will also see some form of percentage increments. This has the potential to add more cost to shippers or importers for taking their cargo ,a cost which would eventually be shifted onto the final consumer.

The concerned freight forwarders argue that , the implementation of this review should be delayed due to current economic difficulties in the country and also as the Ghana Cedi is beginning to gain some grounds against the dollar and hence wants the port authority to renege on its plans to upwardly adjust the tariffs for now.


. Speaking to citifm news desk,  Dennis Amfoh Sefah, the president of the Concerned Freight Forwarders and Traders Forum  believes that ‘’the importer is going to divide his cost and put it on the items and commodities and you and I are going to suffer.’’

Meanwhile, the spare parts dealers in the country have also promised to resist any attempt by the GPHA to review the tariffs upwardly.

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