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5 DIC’s future looks bleak as Customs take over cargo classification by September

By the 1st of September this year, the Ghana customs would take over the responsibility of classification of cargo for determining the appropriate duty, a responsibility which is currently performed by the 5 Destination Inspection Companies (DIC’s) in the country. The decision to take over from the DIC’s is in accordance to requirements from the World Customs Organization and to ensure compliance to international trade treaties and regulations.customs classification,

What this means is that, from the 1st of September this year, importers would no longer be required to submit import documents to the DIC’s for an FCVR to be generated for them but instead that role would now be performed by the customs who would now generate the Customs Classification and Verification Report (CCVR) successfully supporting the single window clearance process.

The DIC’s whose contract with the government expires on the 31st of August this year have debunked assertions that they may sabotage the transfer and transition process. While promising a smooth and systematic handing over of all necessary documents some made a claim that the government did not consider a better exit plan for them considering the fact that over a 1000 jobs are likely to be lost with the full implementation of this new rule.

In practice the customs with the help of its consultants Westblue would take over a job previously done by 5 DIC’s processing thousands of documents daily and there are some experts view that , this might be a task too heavy for the customs. The customs on the other hand has allayed down any fears and promised of a smooth operation as it has trained over 200 personnel and designated a classification center purposely dedicated to provide a 24 hour service to ensure a smooth takeover.

For now fingers would be kept crossed to see how this important transition takes place.

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