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Maritime Piracy! To pay or not to pay the ransom?

piracy, ransom, sirius star

  Maritime piracy has been one of the oldest forms of robbery in the world and has continually been an issue of grave concern in the maritime industry as it adds up more cost to shipping.  One particular hotspot for this act has been the seas around the “horn of Africa” where Somalia pirates mostly operate. Reports has it that ...

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Ensuring a “pedestrian free terminal” to protect lives

maritime casualties,

  The advent of containers in the shipping industry has led not only to changes in the way cargo is handled but also the risk it presents to the human factor involved at the water front. A container terminal’s effectiveness is dependent on its ability to swiftly evacuate containers whether landward or seaward and this function it (terminal) hopes to execute ...

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Ghana yet to take full advantage of AGOA

African -U.S trade, AGOA

  The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), is an act signed into law in May ,2000 by the United States which allows Sub-Saharan African countries to export goods at duty free rates to the U.S.A upon meeting certain requirements and conditions. There are currently over 40 beneficiary countries and all goods qualify to be admitted free of duty under ...

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Boankra inland port, Ghana’s boost to hinterland connectivity.

boankra inland port, rail development ghana

   The Ghana transport ministry recently announced that the government by the end of this year would partner a private sector investor to complete the Boankra inland port and finally link it to the Tema and Takoradi ports through the development of the eastern corridor rail way lines. The inland port which is situated in the middle belt of the ...

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The dangers of wrongful cargo weight declaration

container weights

   Cargo weight misdeclaration has been one major canker in the maritime industry which has been partly blamed for some maritime accidents and casualties at sea. This particular challenge has been around for a long time and in an attempt to curtail the problem, a new SOLAS amendment will from 2016 place the responsibility to declare accurate cargo weight on shippers. ...

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Would the implementation of G-CAP be a disincentive to trade?

  The trade ministry in Ghana is reported to have reaffirmed its plans to proceed with the implementation of the Ghana Conformity Assessment Programme ( G-CAP)  which is meant to subject all imports into the country to a pre-shipment inspection at the port or country of origin to ensure that goods destined for the country conforms with the Ghana Standard Authority’s requirements.   ...

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New SOLAS amendment to cost shippers’ extra

IMO on overweight cargo

   A SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) regulation amendment would very soon (by 2016) require the production of a verified weight certificate with the consent of the shipper before containers can be loaded on-board a ship. This has become necessary due to the persistent challenge faced by the industry as a result of misdeclaration of cargo weight.     The ...

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Inadequate hinterland connectivity affecting sub-Sahara African trade

africa inland logistics

Most ports along the coast of Africa have recently announced and commenced major expansion works in preparation for projected growth and increase in container trade activities towards the region as a result of rapid expansion and urbanization of the region’s population.   Major port developments are expected to come on board and be operational at various locations in the region ...

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Panama canal to face direct competition soon?

nicaragua canal. panama canal

      The Panama Canal, a 50mile long sea route which serves as an important short cut between the pacific and the Atlantic ocean and one of the strategic sea routes in the world is likely to face direct competition soon from its neighbor Nicaragua who plans to build a $40 billion mega canal through the country. Also Read THE RACE FOR ...

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Why is the Ghanaian still paying so much to clear used cars from the ports ?

too much taxes

     Osei Kofi Duah is a Ghanaian based outside the country and the Chief Executive Officer of SeDuah Associates who expressed his views and observations on a series of Articles that the Ghanashippingguide published detailing the method used by Customs to value used vehicles imported into the country for clearance purposes. Read his very candid and rather interesting opinion  ...

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