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Concluding part of the interview!! 33 months with Somalian Pirates

surviving a 1000 days with pirates

    This is the concluding part of a very lengthy but revealing interview with a seaman who beat all odds to survive a 1000 days as a captive of the gruesome Somali pirates. Read the continuation of the interview below to know about his surviving techniques and eventual rescue operation. Please click here to read the first part of this ...

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Interview! Jewel narrates ordeal surviving a 1000 Days with Somali Pirates

somalia pirates, survivors

    Sitting together at a popular beach resort overlooking the wide ocean ( the very mode of transport that robbed a 1000 productive days of his life), Jewel Ahiable, one of the Ghanaian crew members on board the ship “MV Iceberg” gave an account of events that happened before and during his 1000 days in captivity with Somalia pirates. Read ...

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Final part of an Interview with the youngest vessel dispatcher in Ghana

MPS, temaport, vessel dispatcher ,recognition

 This is the final part of an interesting interview with Sammie Obeng Yeboah a vessel dispatcher at the Tema port. Please do well to read the first part of this interview.  Also Read Interview with the youngest vessel dispatcher in Ghana GhanaShippingGuide, what would you say is a perfect day for you as a vessel dispatcher, Sammie Obeng Yeboah, that is ...

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Interview with the youngest vessel dispatcher in Ghana

port operations Ghana, vessel planning Ghana

   Meridian Port Services ltd ( a joint venture between the GPHA and Meridian Port Holdings Limited, which is in turn a joint venture with Bolloré Group and APM Terminals )  is a container terminal operator in Ghana and operating at the Tema port, since the commencements of operation in 2007, it has changed the sphere of container terminal operations at the ...

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An interview with the deputy Director (maritime security, search and rescue) GMA Pt.2

This is the final part of an interview Ghanashippingguide had with the Deputy Director (Maritime security,search and rescue) of the Ghana Maritime Authority Capt. Paapa Asuako-Owiredu. Please do well to  read the first part as well. Ghanashippingguide (GSG) –  Can we get a little personal now starting with the schools you attended. Capt Paapa Asuako-Owiredu (CPAO) – Well , I had my form ...

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Interview with the Deputy Director (maritime security, search and rescue) GMA PT. 1

This is the first part of a very long but interesting interview session with the Deputy Director (maritime Security,Search and Rescue)      Capt.  Paapa Asuako-Owiredu is the deputy director (maritime security, search and rescue) at the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA) and  doubles as a part time lecturer at the Regional Maritime University. He is a former seafearer and a marine surveyor ...

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