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How to export Non-traditional produce from Ghana

    Exports from Ghana can be categorized as traditional and non-traditional. While the county is already well known for its traditional exports like cocoa, timber, electricity, mineral resources etc the demand and market for non-traditional exports such as handicrafts, yams, cashew nuts, canned fish, shea butter, kente cloth, textiles etc continually keeps getting bigger and in this regard, the ...

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5 steps to help reduce cost of purchasing and importing Vehicles.

used cars shipments, roro shipments, cheaper ways to import cars

    The task of buying and subsequently shipping a car from another country may involve certain processes, the buyer may however want to as much as possible reduce cost whiles at the same time ensure convenience and safety in order to protect the investments made in acquiring the vehicle. The following steps can be considered to help reduce cost when ...

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which is the best method for shipping a vehicle, RORO or a container

car shipping

  Diverse reasons and situations would always necessitate the purchasing and subsequent importation/exportation of vehicles from one country to the other or from a geographical location to another.    You may however want to keep your transportation (shipping) cost as low and as convenient as possible especially considering the fact that you may have already spent a fortune in acquiring ...

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6 Instances when you are exempted from paying import duties at Ghana’s Ports

The customs  in Ghana allows some goods and services as well as some specific groups of importers to enjoy some amount of import duty exemptions. The reasons among others could include the necessity or importance labeled or associated with such goods or organizations. Specific government institutions, privileged persons or organizations such as diplomatic missions may enjoy some form of exemptions ...

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What you need to know to avoid paying duty on goods meant for charity

avoiding taxes on charity goods,

  Well meaning Ghanaians and other nationals in and out of the country have continually   offered some support by donating certain items like much needed medical supplies for hospitals, used clothing for orphanages etc for charity purposes in Ghana.   Whiles it is a public knowledge that such goods or consignments do not attract customs duty , it is ...

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ship supply business

      The current ports development in the country which includes the ongoing Takoradi port expansion expected to add about 10 new berths, the announcements of the expansion of the Tema port adding an additional 5 berths and the recent signed deal for the development of a free port at Atuabo would increase the number of vessels that call ...

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Re-using shipping containers to provide cost effective building solutions

   The advent of shipping containers (boxes) have changed the scope of sea transport by improving  cargo handling , storage and transportation and has revolutionized the industry. The use of shipping containers have however moved beyond just the storage and transportation of cargo and as such, some designers and developers have found creative ways to develop wonderful structures using shipping ...

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Taking advantage of the ports expansion (stevedoring)

stevedoring business, port expansion

   In recent times , there have been announcements of major ports developments and expansions along the coasts of the West-African sub-region with some expected to be operational in the very near future. Ghana has not been left behind with regards this development projects, the country has already started expansion works at the Takoradi port as well as development of ...

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5 things to note when exporting at duty free rates to the U.S


    The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is an initiative by the United States which permits over 6400 different products to be exported from sub-Saharan African countries to the American market at duty free rates. Yes over 6000 different products are admissible under this initiative and products like textiles(African wear), wood carvings or artifacts ,agro products etc can ...

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How to estimate the cost of clearing an imported car from Ghana’s ports

home used cars Ghana, imported cars

 One major challenge with vehicles imported into Ghana is the cost involved in clearing them from the ports. Most vehicle importers become overwhelmed with the clearing cost which they may have not anticipated to be such high either due to misinformation or no information at all about the clearing cost  forcing disappointed importers to abandon vehicles at the ports due ...

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